We specialise in
a wide range of client services .

From appeal cases to precognitions you can be sure of our dedication, complete confidenciality, integrity and professionalism.

Our Client services

Providing a professional and comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding any conviction whereby it is felt that a miscarriage of justice has resulted.

Providing a thorough and in-depth background check searches that can bring to light a lot of information about your personal relation or professional associate.

Our bug sweeping services can effectively detect any covert surveillance or spy equipment that you believe may be hidden on your premises. We perform a thorough search of your home, vehicle or commercial space, ensuring that the area is free of discreet surveillance devices.

Our services are also able to provide a careful examination of any scene by trained and experienced team members as well as forensic scientists. It is a vitally important part of any scene investigation that it is managed and examined properly.

We are also able to provide a cold case investigation service. With years of experience investigating high profile crime we can provide a comprehensive review of any case utilising decades of detective experience as well as being able to call on our forensic partners to provide answers to the many unanswered questions.

We provide bespoke counter surveillance that aim to protect the privacy of those who think they may be being spied on or otherwise investigated by another party. Many counter surveillance services also function as basic security services, such as installing counter surveillance...

DNA is a core element in many criminal investigations. We can harness that technology to provide evidence for your situation. Using state of the art technology and scientists with world-wide experience, our DNA testing services are second to none.

We are able to provide highly experienced crime scene investigators “CSI” to deliver courses such as crime scene examination, crime scene management, fingerprint analysis and ballistics...

Hair sample testing is one of the most effective ways to discover whether someone has taken drugs in the past few months. Hair sample testing can indicate drug use for as long as the person’s hair has been around; those with longer hair will carry a longer “history” of drug records...

Any compilation of the evidence which it is hoped that a witness will give derived from statements made by him and reduced to writing".