We specialise in
Tracking and Tracing.

From appeal cases to precognitions you can be sure of our dedication, complete confidenciality, integrity and professionalism.

Our Tracking and Tracing Services

Infidelity investigations are incredibly common, meaning that we have a lot of experience with detecting cheating partners. We can effectively document your partner’s movements and actions with appropriate photographic and video evidence, providing you with visual proof that may confirm your suspicions.

Dating site scams are very common in recent years with online fraudsters “catfishing” people, (i.e. creating fake dating profiles) in order to pretend to be someone else and eventually scam you.

We specialise in discreet surveillance services that inform you about a group or individual’s actions when you are not with them. We have experience in static, mobile and rural surveillance techniques utilising world-class technology to remain as covert and undetectable as possible.

Our address tracing services allow us to find a person’s current address, with a success rate of around 98% overall. Our methods can be used to find a person’s address in the UK or abroad, meaning that your trail will never run cold.

If a person owes you money (or potentially owes you money) due to a court case or similar legal proceedings, it can be beneficial for you to know whether they have any hidden assets or not.

We allow you to rent live GPS tracking equipment that will inform you of your subject’s location in real time. Our GPS tracking equipment is most often fitted to vehicles, which we recommend as it is the most discreet and undiscoverable option.

Our private investigation services are designed to provide you with information in a discreet and confidential manner allowing you to make assessments about your personal and corporate connections.

We use experience, expertise, and technology to conduct in-depth investigations into people that owe you money. We can usually provide you with their current address within 24 hours, whether that address is in the UK or abroad.